SSL Installation


I need help with installation of SSL Certificates on my webpage, I have custom domain on NameCheap and everything is sete up there corectly here is img,

Can someone provide me some kind of installtion notes because Bootstrap Studio does not have CPanel for uploading files/certificates,

Thanks a lot!


You can set up cloudflare for your domain, they have a free tier and offer a free ssl certificate.
Because you can’t upload any certificate to the bss hosting you need to set the ssl certificate on cloudflare to flexible.

BTW you can’t have a script tag in your javascript file.
You have this in your javascript file

  if (window.location.protocol == "http:") {

This is should be first in the head section on the page.
You haven’t a www subdomain on your domain so the script will not work before you add a DNS record for WWW

If you set up cloudflare no need for that script, they have a switch always https: available for you

You can read more in the BSS docs

Good luck

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