Start Bootstrap Studio in Fullscreen

On my windows system with 1080p resolution, Bootstrap Studio doesn’t start in fullscreen:

In the settings, there are no option for this. Would be good to add atleast a setting for or save the last window state and restore it it on the next run.

Open bootstrap studio, set it to full screen and then quit the program. When you relaunch it will remember the settings and load to the last position and size

Nope, not for me. Already tried that.

try pressing ctrl as you shut down

Not sure why this should work, but it doesn’t. I’m on Windows 10, maybe this shortcut works for other systems.

If you open BSS from a shortcut on your desktop, edit the shortcut to run maximized. If you open BSS from your start menu right click the Bootstrap Studio menu item and open location and edit the shortcut to run maximized

Yep, its a workaround :slight_smile: