Starter templates: are there more?

Hi there folks!

I’m not sure if it matters but I purchased the super-zoomy license.

This is a question concerning the 14 templates that are available in the new design startup. Are there more available? Do users share them or are there more available from the developers? I would love to have more to choose from for starters.

Thanks for your time!

When I first bought Bootstrap Studio just over a year ago I thought the same, but I found by playing & experimenting with the Components that come with the program and the others available online via BSSthat there’s a lot of flexibility.

None of the Templates was close enough to what I required which innitially was frustrating but then I quickly realised it’s easy to design your own using the Components as building blocks and customising layouts and style sheets to achieve what you are after.

If you look at the Showcase category on the Forum sites are slowly being added it’s quite a bew feature so not much as yet.