Stop Overview tree from jumping to adjust for your selection PLEASE!

So I have a lot of little boxes I need to add figures to, my issue since I forgot to add them to the originals and now they are all setup. Anyways, stuff happens and now I need to drag dozens of them to locations in the Overview tree. I've created about 15 of them and proceeded to try dragging them to their new locations, but I cannot do so, it's almost impossible! Every time I click on one the damn pane readjusts to throw it at the bottom of the window! I cannot work this way at all, it's the most frustrating thing I've come across in a long time.

I also do recall reporting this once before and was told it was realigning to your selection. Well... make it stop please. I align my window where I want it and at the location I want it, I don't need the window to do it for me. Not only is it not needed, it jumps it to the bottom which means I have to start from the bottom up instead of the top down as I normally would, just to be able to drag it because if I start from the top down I have to drag the item below the visual area and then it opens every directory as I mouse over it making me have to go even further!

Please Please PLEASE make the window stay where we put it and not move when clicking anything at all.

Ok end rant, but hopefully this is something that you will address asap, because this is just horrible.

Isn't that kind of the whole point of the Overview panel... to be able to click on a component and have it instantly highlighted in the workspace? I can't quite envision your problem, but I suppose it would be simple enough to have a preference setting to disable this behavior - although personally I find it very helpful.

I think you missed the point Printninja, it's the jumping around that it does that is being an issue. Having it instantly highlighted is one thing, but having it then move the tree to another location in the window when you're trying to move something is unbearably hard to manage. I prefer the window to stay exactly where I have it when I click on something, not move it somewhere else in the window. How is that "the whole point" of the Overview panel?

I don't think I'm understanding your problem. Are you saying if you move, say a paragraph at the bottom of a long page up to the top of the page, you want the Overview panel to stay frozen in place, as opposed to keeping track of where the item you're moving is in relation to the other components on the page as displayed in the Tree?

Not sure how to explain it any better, let me try again.

Picture about 15 "figure" components in a line in the Overview Tree. I needed to drag those to their locations below. Every time I just clicked on one, it moved the entire tree down so that what I had clicked on was lined up at the very bottom of the window. I then would move the tree so that the items I needed to drag were at the top again so that I could grab the bottom one and drag it down .....

Clicked it and poof it lined it up to the bottom again. Very annoying when you're trying to get things to exact places.

Then if I finally did get one to be able to move it, it kept scrolling further down because it kept expanding all the other component directories that I was passing over (kind of a secondary issue really).

Anyways, I finally had to move all the "figure" elements to the last place they would go (there were 44 places to fill these into) and start at the bottom and drag up instead of down so that it didn't make me have to scroll large areas due to components expanding open. For some reason, when they were already lined up at the bottom instead of the top or middle area, the tree stayed put where it was and I was able to drag where I needed without having to compensate for the tree jumping to reposition things.

SUGGESTION: Maybe we could get a way to click and highlight a component in the list and then in the Overview window we could "right click" over the place we want to insert it like we do when pasting, paste linked, etc. Would be a whole lot easier than dragging and trying to place them sometimes, well at times like today. - Could have choices like: Insert Below, Insert Above, Insert Into, etc.

@Jo Is there any way I can contact you privately? Email? Facebook? I wanted to ask you a question, and there doesn't seem to be a way to message users directly in the forums.

You can email me through my website contact form :)

Ok so I've just discovered that "part" of what I'm asking for is already implemented.

You "Can" select a location in the Overview pane and then right click over a component (both UI and basic components as well as downloaded ones) and insert it into the location (providing it meets the criteria of not already having a container tied to it).

So I will start utilizing that since I didn't realize it was even there.

Could we please get additional choices for this already implemented feature so we can insert "above" or "below" the selected location in the Overview pane? This would speed things up even more for placements.