Streamline BS Code: Tick which features to include or exclude

I apologize if this has been asked or suggested before (or already exists as an option), but is there a way to configure which BS 5 code/classes/components are needed, and which are not? So, basically tick a few boxes so that only classes and code relating to what you’re using ends up as the Bootstrap code exported? i.e. trim what you don’t need; optimize.

I’ll never do it via some sort of manual process. Tick or un-tick a few boxes - possible? (via BSS or BS CDN?)

I’m not sure if it would make a massive difference anyway, but currently looking into it. Is this a desirable feature?


Hiya Plutarch,

I think your suggestion fall into this same situation posted recently, if I’m understanding your request correctly. If not please post again and let us/me know.

Yep - same request, more or less. Thanks for letting me know.