Stuck in version 5.0.3 / auto update not working

Hi all!

a Few months a go I purchased the lifetime license, and after upgrading to version 5.0.3 the update stopped working somehow. I was curious that during all the pandemic months there wasn't any upgrade, so I came to the website and I saw we are already at the 5.2.1 . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Have you tried clicking the Update button on the menu? You'll find it in Help > Check for Updates.

I believe when they first came out with the 5.0 version the auto update wasn't there, but it seems to be random for me sometimes. I typically just check here often for update notices and then use that method if an auto update doesn't happen. Takes a few minutes for the auto update as well because I don't think it sends the message to you to tell you there's an update until after it has downloaded the update. Once you get this initial update done, then just give it a couple minutes next time and if nothing happens, do it manually with the menu.

Let us know if that helps at all, and if not you may need to contact support for further instructions.