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I ask a respected developer to consider the possibility of importing a style (style.styl for example) files into the project.
Now these files are not readable in the project, I think that such an option would be useful, at least for me.

If you only importing a stylesheet then that should work fine. The html will need to be imported into a custom code component.

1 - Click the codepen style to refactor to css or scss.
2 - copy into stylesheet

1 - Make sure it is regular html you are copying
2 - create custom code component in BSS
3 - copy html into that component

Yeah I wouldn’t expect this idea to happen due to the way it imports code for HTML… But … you can always import or copy the CSS and any JS from codepen and the like, and then create the HTML from scratch. Goes pretty quickly when you have all the CSS already done and the references needed for where to put the classes are in the codepen. That would probably be a lot more useful than just importing it as code or creating a Custom Code block. This way you can edit using the Drag and Drop utilities of BSS rather than editing the code manually for it.
Just another option there. :slight_smile:

A .styl file isn’t limited to codepen, it is a file created with the stylus pre-processor ( so you would need to either compile it to css in codepen, or have it installed on your computer using node.js

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