Styles/Custom Code window keeps sliding right [Mac version]

Mac Verison
MacOS Big Sur
BSS version 5.5.4

So this is pretty annoying at best. I have some custom code I’m working on and while I work on it all is fine. I have the app almost as wide as my screen and I slide out the Styles/Custom Code window pulled out all the way to the left so I have lots of space (keep forgetting I can break it out, but then I haven’t seen if the bugs that were reported not long after it was added, were fixed or not. Will browse through updates and see later).

Anyways, the window is slid out as far to the left as it will go so I have a nice large area to work in on my custom code. While I edit all is fine, but as soon as I save, change tabs, pretty much anything I do outside of just editing the code, the window slides all the way to the right as far as it can go which is pretty far. I have to keep pulling it out.

Also, most times when I try to grab it when it’s full out to the left, it automatically closes to the right then as well.

Very annoying, constantly having to open the window up all the way again. I’ll try the popout and see how that goes.

NOTE: This does NOT happen if I am editing CSS, I’ve tested it and any changes to CSS at full width of the edit window, the window stays where it is when I save the changes. Stays if I undo them.
But … if I have the window open full and click on a Custom Code tab that is open … it shrinks it again.

NOTE: I’ve just tested it on the popout window and it does not happen with that so it’s only when editing within the app window itself.

Thank you for reporting this issue. A screenshot will be very helpful so we can get an idea of what’s happening.

I’m not real good with this so hopefully this gets it across. I recorded a Gif file, hopefully it’s not too huge to get loaded lol. If so I’ll see if I can do it in video.

Basically this is showing where clicking the tabs resizes the window.

Changing something in a custom code block and then saving it resizes the window. You can’t see a visual button for saving on these so my pointer is showing the star on the unsaved, and when saved no start and window resized.

It’s the same on windows, when you apply the code

Let me also add that it does only seem to happen when the window is fully open to the max size (pulled all the way to the left). If I only pull it half way or even just a little bit short of full size, it doesn’t happen then for me.

If I’m understanding the problem correctly, I can’t seem to reproduce this on my Windows 7x64 with BSS 5.5.4

Clicking apply seems to work the same way it always did for me.

If the sidebar on the right side is open then you can reproduce this on your Windows 7x64

PN you missed that the “Tabs” are where the issue happens, or saving custom code. The window must be 100% open all the way to the left for this to happen. Clicking buttons, I’d have to test that as I didn’t and probably should have lol. But you need to click the Styles or your open custon code block tabs for this issue to happen, or edit your custom code with the window at full open, and then hit ctrl+s to save.

Thank you all for the screengrabs! We were able to reproduce this and we’ll fix it in our next release.

Yaaay ty ty! One more headache alleviated lol. Most appreciated!

Great news. I’m not very good at reproducing the bugs people find. I always seem to miss a detail.