Styling the Reflow product specific text

Hi everyone.

I’m messing around with BSS and Reflow.

I have noticed that you can only add product specific content in reflow as text. What if you wanted to break that text content up into sections, maybe by incorporating an accordion? I can add an accordion in BSS outside of the Product component but I can’t add it into the Product component. And as the text is updated in Reflow I don’t see how I can easily structure it other then to add built points.

I’d imagine anything outside of the product component won’t be ‘dynamic’.

Would I have to export the project and setup the css class styling outside of BSS in order to achieve what I want to do?

(not sure what category to add this to, so chosen Bootstrap Studio Help)

take a look at the css classes – the product description in reflow is titled – div class=“ref-description”>product info stored here /div>

maybe with some javascript and css you can get it to look how you wanted