Suddenly some backgrounds are white?

Since a BBS update, I have seen white backgrounds for some elements, even though I didn’t change anything.

Trying to set the background to transparent doesn’t work. Where does this white color come from? It’s shown in some browsers, some not. BBS shows it too.

Why is white set here? And not transparent? How to set the value to transparent?

Looks like some unwanted CSS kicked in…

If I had to guess, I’d say that the latest version of Bootstrap is using a new CSS variable to set the background color of that element which didn’t exist in the previous version of Bootstrap. Post a link to your live website so we can look the CSS code.

Not sure if this is the reason or not, just putting it out there that the BS version was updated and we probably need to go to BS website and see what changed? (still having the white background)

In your css you have a class

.container {
background: #fff

remove that class

You have error in the console