Suggest Best Image sizes for OG and twitter images

Hi there,

Would it be possible to add the recommended image sizes for the Twitter Images (summary vs summary Large) and OG Image?

Twitter card

I know they also have recommended image ratios to ensure that the image isn’t clipped too much in different situations though it’s not perfect.

I am saving them in my text files now, but it would be faster to have them right in front of you.


Or you could just bookmark this page in your browser,

and let the devs focus on making this a better website builder.

Yeah I would have to agree with PN (got it right this time! lol) on just bookmarking the page. My reasoning though is that many times these things change on other sites which means that the BSS devs would have to constantly check to make sure that the sizes were correct in the app. I would think that would be more hassle than it’s worth when we can just bookmark a page so we have that information. :slight_smile:

You did not (unless you’re messing with me.) PN PrintNinja

haha well it’s right now!! :stuck_out_tongue:

From here on forth you will be known ans PrintJujitsu lol

But my avatar… and I’m known throughout the web as Printninja. I cannot change. I won’t! :triumph: [stamps foot] ninja

just stay away from my defenceless printer haha.