Suggestion for more flexibility with the backup feature

I’d like to be able to backup my website on demand. In other words, in addition to the automatic backup feature that can be set at intervals, there are times when I do a quick change or update, and I’d like to just save a backup. It would be great if there was a button along the lines of “Do a backup now.”

Also, there is a setting in the backup options where you can tell it to “Delete After” and the options are a day, a week, a month and a year. We also need an option for “never.” Even though I backup my backup folder to another hard-drive for insurance, I don’t see why there needs to be a limit to how long we can keep backups. We should be able to keep them forever if we want. Unless I’m missing something, and the program already does this. Point being, the users should be in control of when the backups are deleted, not BSS.

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Thank you for the suggestions! I agree, we should have a Never option for Delete After (not selected by default of course, we don’t want to take unnecessary disk space with backups).

We can also add a Backup Now entry in the File menu. It would be convenient to also assign it a keyboard shortcut, but I am not sure what it should be.

You could also have options to “make a backup when closing the site, or saving the site, or exporting the site.” I don’t necessarily think a keyboard shortcut is super important as long as there’s a button or menu option somewhere, but ctrl+shift+B seems like a good combo (unless it’s already in use.)

As for disk space… I currently have 40-50 BSS websites with (all combined) thousands of photos and after 3 years, my backup folder (which I backup daily to two separate locations so nothing ever gets deleted) or lost is only 30 GB, and I could probably delete half the backups in that folder because they’re no longer needed.

Sandisk makes a terabyte thumbdrive that is under $200.00. You can buy a 5 TB external USB 3.1 drive for $99. 128 GB thumbdrives are are $20-$50 range. Storage is hardly something to be concerned about in 2021. Even Google gives you 15 GB of free storage with a gmail account if you’re really desperate.

I agree with @printninja that space is not an issue for me either. I also back up on 2 drives as well as keeping a copy of all my project files on my local drive and have not and probably will never run out of space for that.

I like the idea of a Never for Deleting backups and for a button to create one on the fly so to speak.

I would like to propose a popup on first run of the app that asks people to choose their option on this as well. This will save headaches for those users that don’t take the time to go through the settings of apps. (I’m guilty of it myself if an app has pages and pages of settings, I tend to just skim through them then with intentions of going back later to do a more thorough setup once I decide that I intend to use the app). There’s a handful of settings that could be done this way to save headaches later, but that’s for another post if it’s something that is considered.


Great point @jo-r! Maybe any time you create a new website, a pop-up menu appears where you are given the opportunity to choose to do backups or not, and how you want them setup. And I think it would be VERY prudent to make a reminder on program installation that tells new users that there is a backup feature, and they should configure it at that time. Backup has saved my butt so many times I’ve lost count.