[suggestion] - Icon Search

Let there be a option to search for a icon on all fonts at once. This would help a lot…

There are not so many fonts there… i think all systems could handle it well.

With the recent performance optimizations we did on the Icon dialog, it could be possible to implement this type of search. We will have to think about the UI carefully though. Some icon sets are integrated as icon fonts. Users have to be mindful how many of these they include in a single page, so they should limit themselves to a single family. A search across all families will make mistakes likely.

true… but maybe the UI could be changed so that just a certain amount of fonts could be searched for at a time (let’s say 5 or 10 fonts), and as a visual guide, a “semi-random” background color could be attributed to each one (on the preview selection plane) so that the user could easily verify which font family the icon belongs to.