Suggestions for a Build Log

Hey all,

So I'm doing a crash course in Bootstrap 4 since I've found a lot of stuff I was using isn't used anymore. I'm creating a site I've been putting off for a while due to time. It's a site that I keep up to date with my robot builds. Within my community we have build logs, basically blogs with pictures, links to videos etc that we update with new things. I know Bootstrap Studio has a blog template and I was wondering if this was suitable for a build log at all? In a website I create from scratch I just had a single page per update but after two years of updates, this has gotten quite large and I'd love to be able to condense it down if I can. Open to suggestions here if anyone has any ideas :) I have multiple droids as well so there would be quite a few! Thankfully they're not all on the go at once!

Thanks Rob

You need to search the forums for specifically what you're looking for, but be aware that the in-program support for blogs isn't there, if by blog you mean something like a dynamic, database-driven, application along the lines of Wordpress blogs. BSS is a builder application for static, not dynamic, sites.

@TeschToy No not something like wordpress I'm not a huge fan of CMS like that, not even something database driven just more like a template or something like that

Basically, what TeschToy is saying, is that Bootstrap Studio builds websites, HTML websites. It doesn't have anything built in that allows for logins or multi user interfaces etc. So what you're intending would basically not really change anything other than putting it all into a single built file for you. You would need to rebuild your site from scratch for every page, and import all your images (images being the only media allowed at this time). Yes it would make it easier to update I'm sure, but it would be a lot of work if you have that many pages to make.

On the other hand, you could create pages that are templates for the others which would allow you to just pop in the text and change the image for new posts etc.

There are pros and cons and I guess it really depends on exactly what your expecting to do for updating it.

there's another option: buy Pinegrow Theme Converter. So you can build the site in BSS and then convert it to a Wordpress template. Best of all, you can modify your layout in BSS and easily reconvert it.

BSS does an excellent job of speeding up your workflow to create a static site, but nothing beats a CMS for a blog. Pingrow Theme Converter will bridge between the two.