Support Bootstrap 4.2.1 & new components

Hi !

Could you add the support of Bootstrap 4.2 and the new components (spinner, toast, etc) ?

Thanks !

even the standard starter template ( ) would be a nice update

Yes!!!! I need it. Great suggestion.

Hey guys! Sorry that we haven't been active in the forum recently, we are busy finishing the new release. It will include Bootstrap 4.2.1 and 3.4.0 among other things. Should be ready soon.

Soon? :) Today? Thanks

Glad to read you Martin ! That's good news !

I'm quite impatient to use this new version, as the improvements of BS 4.2.1 are really welcome !

No 4.2.1 components :( (toggle/switch, spinner, toast)

No new standard template, too.

so new version just bumped the BS version number to 4.2.1 without even creating the default ( ) empty page template. Nor adding new components.

But, again, adding useless features, like a new interface to add multiple favicons to the design. Where one could just visit (there are tons of sites like that) upload a .svg logo and automagically get the code to paste into BSS headers + all automatically generated different icons.

@marrco built-in favicon, sitemaps and PWA support was something that was lacking and users frequently asked for. Now that we have it in place, we can continue working on the new components. As for the starter template, I am not sure what the benefits are over the current blank design.

I think on the Starter Template I would have to agree with Martin. There really isn't anything in it that we can't do in 30 seconds or less or that we can't make on our own for our own Starter Template. When you code by hand, that would definitely be handy, but in BSS the only things that would be added to a page is a couple lines of text. Not enough to really make a difference and it would probably be better if we made our own Starter Templates so we have the items that "we" like to use in them rather than what another developer/designer decides to add. Just my 10 cents :)

Having said that, the language tag would be an asset at the very least so we can have that added automatically or at least add it at all (without a work around). That's really the only thing in that Starter Template that we can't do ourselves for our own template.

Thanks for the input, @Jo! The lang attribute is straightforward to add from the attributes panel. To make this easier, we can add an option to the HTML element to select languages from a dropdown.

I am not sure that setting lang="en" by default would be a good idea - a lot of users' sites aren't in English and they might forget to remove it.

As for the starter template, I am not sure what the benefits are over the current blank design.

jquery-slim, popper, integrity, just to name a few benefits. And that's the new bootstrap default template.

of course being able to customize our own èersonal favorite starter template is an option, but using the 'official' standard is not a bad one too.

That would be great Martin, and as for the default to English, I meant that "we" could set a default in BSS, but then maybe have it alterable per project if that one needs a different one? This way it would always be set without having to mess with it unless a project needs something other than the default. I'm all for adding it in each time myself too, either way works, just having it would be nice :)

@Marrco: Aren't those things all in the default Bootstrap files already? I guess when I was thinking default bootstrap template, you were talking about the bare bones, has a couple text lines in it template. Is there another one I'm missing, and either way aren't all those features already in the default bootstrap files or do they have to be added separately now?

@martin for the next update, please can you add the new Bootstrap components and also with the navbar's add the ability to move the Brand logo to the center?

Something like this:


Just to let you know we pushed Bootstrap Studio 4.4.2 which includes the new Spinner and Toast components, and also the custom form control styles.

@jackh This is a bit too specific to have it built in the app, but we can add such a navbar to the online library (if there isn't something like it already).

ok thankyou very much Martin :)

That addon for the online library would be great.

+1 for the centered Brand nav :)