Support for dynamic data and web apps

I recently started using the bootstrap studio for developing a web app. I find that the studio is good for static content. It offers very less support for dynamic content. Right now I am not sure how and where all the support can be added, but it would be good if we can develop web app ui using the bootstrap studio. For example in our app we have cards depicting links in search results. It would be good to be able to easily wire up a pagination system and a list of cards. Yes it can be done even now - but the effort required is almost equal to hand coding. May be we could have components which take arrays as input that way we just need to fetch the array from the backend and provide it to the component.

In the studio currently the features list, article list and the projects list all take only static data. If we can modify these to take arrays it would be great.

Similarly there may be opportunities in other areas also. I feel providing such support will make this tool the best studio tool.

I think that's a bit beyond what the app Devs were looking to do with the software.

Manipulation of a website is something you'd do with Javascript, PHP, Perl etc... You can use jQuery's Ajax support to request data from the server (json(p),arrays, etc..) and then work with the data and append/embed/inject it to the site. While that would be neat if the app did something it's self but the problem is that someone always needs something to be done differently then the next person. So I see where they may have decided to leave some areas as totally up to the user to do as they need.


I have very successfully been using angular for A LOT of dynamic data. The caveat is that if you want to build a single page application in BSS its not going to be pleasant.

However, using angular to set up Ajax API services and loading content/data inside linked components has worked extremely well.