Support for Liquid templates

I see some CMS systems starting to pick up use of Liquid templates.
Is Bootstrap Studio planning to support Liquid templates at some point?
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I would say no as this app is, and will be Bootstrap studio - not liquid studio. Although could be a niche to create a ‘Shopify Studio’

All right. That makes sense.

Thanks anyway for a quick response :slight_smile:

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The question of CMSs (in various forms) has been asked dozens of times, and the developers have explained on many posts in the Forum that to add backend support to BSS would be impossible while still maintaining the program’s ability to create HTML via the drag-and-drop component system it currently features. It would basically mean creating an entirely new program from scratch.

Bootstrap Studio does not, and will probably never will support or integrate any sort of database type CMS, or support for backend programming of any kind (unless Bootstrap itself were to somehow add such ability in a future release of Bootstrap.) So if this is something you’re in need of, you’ll need to look for a different type of program.

Thanks - I’m fine with BSS, which I continued use a lot.
I was just wondering - but your explanations absolutely makes sense.