Support for logo in navbar

I'd like to add a logo image to the navbar. Ideally there'd be a built in option for this as it must be a very common requirement.

If that's not possible, can you please expose the navbar header div in the overview tree and/or allow drag and drop of image and anchor elements to the navbar-header div as currently I can't manually add the logo as I can't get anything to appear left of the brand.

At Saj's suggestion I'm rebuilding the navbar html from scratch but even this is not possible cleanly as there is no raw nav element so I have to use a "div" and apply styles, but this leaves a non-standard bootstrap result, so can you please supply a nav building block.


If you look at the tutorial video for bootstrap studio you can add an image next to the nav bar brand.

To do this drag your image into the nav bar brand link section and then you can add your image and then use css to control where it sits and the size of it

ThInk no also mentioned this on another thread too by here is link to video -

Yeah I took it as @madz was wanting it to not be part of the Brand component but if it's just a matter of putting an image next to the Brand wording and be part of that link then follow what Chris said.


Sorry guys yes my mistake I've been reading other threads on here and you're right it's simple enough to add the image to the brand text - I didn't think of dragging it into the text - I was trying to drag a new anchor element onto the nav header which it wouldn't let me do. But I've been able to follow the other posts on here now and get the logo on there. Happy days! Appreciate the help.

Thinking more about the request I might be worth addikg an option that allows user to add nav bar brand logo or not using a toggle like the 'show nav bar brand'

Think the idea is valid but at least your are not blocked at the mo