support for srcset added in 2.4.4

I noticed that in 2.4.4 support for srcset has been added to html images. But i can't find where. On a design i just added an image, but i can't find where to add srcset parameters.

can someone help me find how that feature has been implemented? BSS documentation is not a great help

I just looked up the info on srcset at

So in the BSS app

  1. select the image you want to modify
  2. click on the HTML pane to expose it
  3. click on the ATTRIBUTE pane to expose it
  4. click on the "+" sign to add a custom attribute to the image
  5. in box 1 enter "srcset"
  6. in box 2 enter your desired parameters click APPLY

Just make sure that you have also imported any additional images to your design or you just might get a blank image unless they are all external images then it might be fine.


Thanks Saj. I'd never guessed that "The srcset attribute is now supported on images" in the changelog means that. I was looking for something more specific.I still think that BSS needs a better manual. I sometimes have the feeling i'm hacking BSS to obtain the effect i want, and i'm not sure if there's a right way to do that.

+1 on a more comprehensive user guide of sort for people getting used to the app. but i guess development it top priority to keep us up to date etc.

as a community we should share more learnings to help each other out (which Saj already doesn't brilliantly might i add) but we could all use the hints and tips sticky thread more, that goes for me too