svg fiters not shown inside bootstrap studio

I'm using svg filters, and they do show in the browser but not inside bootstrap studio. I'm using a custom code:

<svg id="svg-filter">
  <filter id="svg-blur">
    <feGaussianBlur in="SourceGraphic" stdDeviation="4"></feGaussianBlur>

at the bottom of the page, and then using the filter as:

filter: url(#svg-blur)

then it does not apply within bootstrap studio but when I refresh the browser the blur appears on each image.

So I fail to understand the problem? If it's working in the browser, then it's working.

Bootstrap studio has limitations in what it can display in the workspace window.

@Printninja why would I assume it's a known limitation when there is no notice of it in Bootstrap Studio user interface?

it's pretty obvious that a design tool should reflect the end state of a product otherwise it is not a design tool.

I have filed bug reports in the past about css gradients and were fixed as well.


TBH, I'm not 100% sure what the status of SVG preview is in the current version of BBS, but I do know in some older versions there were limitations with how it displayed SVG in the work area. They may have been fixed.

The thing is, BSS doesn't preview everything in the program's workspace. It never has. Javascript, for example, does not preview in the BSS workspace. You have to open the browser preview to see your rendered js. I don't see this as being a huge issue, or a limitation, since the program DOES allow you to have a live browser preview open at all times, which reflects the end state of the webpage.

thanks for your input @Printninja. I'm well aware that Bootstrap studio is not for working with javascript. Please avoid caps because it looks like you are shouting. I can wait until the lead devs reply to this issue.

BSS = Bootstrap Studio. bss seems odd to me. SVG also seems odd written as svg. TBH = To be honest, also seems weird as tbh? I don't know. I didn't mean to "shout" these things. It's just the way I write.

I did capitalize "DOES" for emphases, though I prob should have used does

Also, don't hold your breath waiting for the devs to chime in. Their coverage/input in the forums is sporadic and infrequent, depending on how involved they are with working on the software. Many things seem to never get seen by them. I've frequently had to "bump" suggestions I've written because they got lost over time and the devs never saw them.


I agree aside from HTML & CSS -- SVG & Javascript are the next two most prevalent things used on virtually every website in the modern web. So its a pity that BSS does not fully support each in the apps own preview. I understand that you can preview in browser, but wow I’m really surprised regarding also hearing this about SVG support in the app? I was debating recently about renewing my license for BSS, but remained hesitant due to JS still being disabled in app. This revolution of SVG support makes me want to pause that idea altogether.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention @cattoshi, as I would have never guessed this type of SVG support remains an issue as well.

Okay, let's put this to bed. I imported two .svg images into BSS and as you can see in the below screenshot, they display just fine. This is in BSS 5.2.1.

enter image description here

I can't speak for older versions, but it certainly seems they work now, and it would simple enough to test before one just "writes off" renewing a $29 program that's easily worth more like $229.

I don't even understand the logic behind not buying the full lifetime version for $60, as you'll spend that much in two years of renewals. I've been using computers since 1979-ish, and BSS is hands-down the most underpriced, best-performance-for-dollar-spent, piece of software I've ever owned. In dollars, this program has literally made me back 1000 times what it has cost me.

The javascript issue is, IMO, totally trivial unless your working on a laptop and have no second monitor (though I can't imagine doing web development without more than one monitor.) You simply leave the live browser preview open in your browser to see your JS in action. Otherwise, there's always Pinegrow, which does offer live in-app JS (that I generally disable because it gets annoying) and it will cost you three times more than BSS, plus you HAVE to renew every year, and it's not nearly as polished a piece of software (in fact it caused a BSOD on my machine this morning.)

So you’re stating the basic premise of this thread is incorrect and you’re now saying instead you can use the exact setup outlined by the OP correctly contrary to what was originally expressed?

svg fiters not shown inside bootstrap studio

Otherwise I’m not quite sure why the need for the lengthy and varied dissertation. But yes its obvious you like BSS and don’t seem to wish for others to have any input contrary to your own? I don’t recall bringing into question the value or adeptness of BSS, instead these are just basic inquiries and seem relevant to the modern web. This forum is full of people expressing varied workflows, needs and requirements. So it only seems logical to allow people to express how their needs might not be the same as yours. ;-)

Well regardless of what was posted, the point in the end is that SVG images do work within the app, so the real question here would be ... wait for it ... lol

What version of BSS are you using (at the OP of course)?


I confirmed that SVG files display in the app workspace. I'm not sure about SVG filters, because I never use them. But someone else could certainly do the legwork, test it out, and post a screenshot here.

If I came off as a bit abrasive, it's only because I'm constantly on the forum, and almost every day I see people complaining that this website builder (that's easily worth three times what it costs) always seems to be under attack for the few (often esoteric) features that it lacks (many of which end up getting added shortly after users make their desires known to the devs.)

Also I find it a bit ironic that someone with a user name of "BSS_User" thinks so little of the software that they'd ditch it over an inability to display a single specific feature in the workspace that can easily be viewed just by clicking "browser preview." (shrug)

The renewal comment, well, sorry, that's just my own incredulity that anyone would not buy a piece of software for $60 bucks that includes lifetime updates - something practically unheard of in this day in age. So please forgive me if I offended you.

@Jo & @Printninja

Maybe you both overlooked the question as its not simply about SVG. But a specific aspect as outlined in the following link that was described and discussed by the OP.

Are you both saying that approach does work directly in app contrary to what the OP expressed?


Did you miss my last post?

I confirmed that SVG files display in the app workspace. I’m not sure about SVG filters, because I never use them. But someone else could certainly do the legwork, test it out, and post a screenshot here.

Okay, so I just tried out this in BSS (don't bother Jo, in the rare event you were planning to)...

<p>Time to clean my glasses</p> <svg height="0"> <defs> <filter id="wherearemyglasses" x="0" y="0"> <feGaussianBlur in="SourceGraphic" stdDeviation="1"/> </filter> </defs> </svg>

with this css .blur { filter: url(#wherearemyglasses); }

And the answer is, the SVG filter does not display in the BSS workspace, but it does display in the browser preview.

Of course, you could have easily done this yourself, but why bother since you're thinking about not renewing the program anyway?

And that's a wrap, folks!

(don’t bother Jo, in the rare event you were planning to)

Wow, what'd I do to deserve that dig? :( Actually I haven't started using SVG yet so I wouldn't have, but I do try things for many people many times so I'm not sure what you meant by that, but it wasn't nice :/


  • I’m not sure about SVG filters, because I never use them.
  • And the answer is, the SVG filter does not display in the BSS workspace

Well its good to know @cattoshi was correct and maybe more importantly that you were able to learn something new - SVG Filters. I'm glad on your 7th post in this thread you finally were able to understand and comprehend what @cattoshi was actually discussing. Aside from that its not even worth responding to all your personal condescending remarks which all seem totally out of place and futile, like your first 6 posts. ;-)


It wasn't meant as a dig, it was meant as an acknowledgement that you're one of the few people here who actually try to help the endless stream of (mostly new) people who come to the forums seeking answers they could often find by simply reading the tutorials, watching the vids, searching the forums, or learning some basic HTML/CSS. And, they often criticize the software as the problem (as opposed to their lack of knowledge.) Personally, I'm finding it increasingly tedious dealing with such people, and you've clearly been at it a lot longer than me, so I'm just acknowledging your efforts.

@BSS_User - I understood what @cattoshi said from the beginning. What puzzles me is why you even chimed in on this thread? You once again complained about the lack of in-app live javascript (which you've apparently been doing since at least 2016.) You didn't test, but rather assumed (incorrectly) that SVG didn't work (until I demonstrated that it did), and then you posted a link to a page with various SVG filter code that (I again) took the time to test and report on.

So yeah, I learned something - and so did everyone else reading this thread. You're welcome.

But you did make one relative contribution... which was to announce you might not renew the software because it still doesn't meet your needs after four years. So, thanks for that breaking news. Presumably, we'll all sleep better knowing you'll be leaving soon.?

its not even worth responding to all your personal condescending remarks which all seem totally out of place and futile

But should I feel privileged that you took so much time berating and condescending me here for no reason? Maybe somehow it made you feel better since it serves absolutely no purpose otherwise. Its hard to reason reality with those whom can't, especially since you think your made up version is the only one. Maybe you've now earned the "valued" badge with all your delusional comments? Hopefully @Martin can pin it on your chest to appease your fragile ego so you can calm down a little towards others. But it seems like you're instead working towards the arrogance badge, which you have easily qaulified for. ;-)

Thank you for clarifying that @Printninja, but guys, can we please stop the bickering in here? @BSS_User, you've been leaving and have left numerous times, either you are staying or going, make up your mind, but don't keep coming in and bashing the software to others that are trying to get help. Most of the time your comments don't have any relevance to the subject, and this is one of those times. Yes, I understand it's another feature that should be there and isn't and you're not happy about it, no one is I'm sure, but that doesn't mean come in here every few weeks to months and throw around derogatory remarks about the software to new users. It's rude, and unecessary. @Printninja ... just stop taking the bait lol.