SVG icon display issue in the old MS Internet Explorer

I have used an SVG type icon for the NavBar Brand logo.
There appears to be a serious display issue with these type of files when displayed in the old MS Internet Explorer browser.
See attached image example:

The correct image display should be as below:
Correct image display

All other modern browsers display this logo image perfectly well, as above.

Is there a solution to this issue, other than not using the SVG type image file types ?

That is one solution (prob the easiest.) Just have a .jpg or .png as a fallback. Older versions of IE (9-11) don’t properly scale SVG files.

It says… Adding height, width, viewBox, and CSS rules seems to be the best workaround.

This isn’t a Bootstrap Studio bug, it’s just a consequence of using new technology (SVG) with outdated browsers. IE was always a nightmare for developers, and even though it’s barely used anymore, if you want to be SUPER thorough in your web development, you can apply workarounds.

Personally, on my own websites, I don’t even bother checking for IE compatibility. Costs vs benefits. How many people are truly still FORCED to use IE. Very, very few. If one in a thousand visitors can’t see one of my websites because they’re still in love with IE 10 or 11… oh well. :man_shrugging:

:point_up::point_up: Agreed.

As of august this year even Microsoft will no longer support IE.

Thank you !
Your reply provides the needed reassurance that the IE scaling issue of the SVG images is expected (due to old, incompatible technology) and is not caused by the Bootstrap Studio implementation.
I will follow your advice and ignore this IE issue, knowing that it is likely to affect only a very small and diminishing number of users.

I understand that the future Bootstrap 5 will no longer support the old IE ?

Bootstrap 4 (flexbox) doesn’t even support most version of IE. Building sites for compatibility with Internet Explorer is a total waste of time (unless you’ve been specifically contracted by some entity, like a government or hospital or something) that has equipment that absolutely cannot be upgraded, and still relies on Internet Explorer and an older O.S.

Even that is ultimately going to be a lost cause. You can’t really buy computers anymore with anything but Windows 10, and Windows 10 will not support IE. Just let it go.

Thank you again.
Your information is most valuable and reassuring.
I will certainly follow your advice.
Highly appreciated.