SVGs not working in Version 5.2.0 [fixed in 5.2.1]

Im creating this here based on the discussion in

So i will join the “SVG stopped working” crowd. Everything was working fine yesterday, then the alert about the update and to restart. And i did.

A day later when im done and ready to publish i notice that the main logo in Navbar Brand is not showing any more. just as i tried the publish site feature.

So i spent an hour trying to figure out what happened because of the publish. But then it stops working everywhere. I tried to import the standard SVG image file from wikipedia, and that didn’t show up either. But for a short while my logo did show even in this version.

So this i superstrange.

And the preview is now just showing a yellow square.

Thank you for reporting this! We released v5.2.1 which fixes this issue, you can read more about it here.