Switching my developement from Mobirise to another system

Hello! I'm a developer for small and medium size websites. Within the last years I used Netobjects Fusion and Mobirise. Mobirise was a fantastic tool until the company decided to stop working with Bootstrap and replace that with Google-AMP. After the last update nearly nothing of my websites was OK and further developement is impossible.

Now I search for a new system and I found this here.

Maybe somebody takes a look to my old sites and can tell me, if that is possible with Bootstrap studio. https://www.afripix-web.de/referenzen-homepage-webdesign-onlineshop.php (that should not be a spam link, please remove this link, if you think, that I only want to make advertisement)

There are some specials in some sites: Blog-Components with PHP, CMS-parts with dynpage, Small shop,

I hope to get an usefull answer. At the moment I have a new project and I really do not know, how to start.

Greetings Frank from Salzburg

Hello, I used mobirise for a couple of projects too, left because they kept injecting their name into the code Your website is nice and as far as the design looks, it can be achieved with BSS. Your challenge will be in setting up the extra php scripts you have running. Also BSS doesn't have CMS functionality built-in so you have to use third party solution.

where'd you get the idea Mobirise had stopped working with Bootstrap? Nothing could be further from the truth. But then again, since your post was primarily spam I guess truth was never one of your priorities. and btw AMP doesn't have anything to do with the framework in which it's developed. But then, again, truth ...

Something else to bear in mind is that somebody else has a blog product for Mobirise, with full PHP backend, but since your email is primarily spam pushing your own product, again, truth isn't one of your priorities

Äh - no! No Spam. At the moment I'm very busy with my last Mobi-projects. So I forgot the last notifications concerning this thread. SORRY! And I know, that I can not make advertisement with my own website, not here, where nearly everybody can do the same kind of websites.

But your question: Mobirise becomes more and more AMP orientated. Since nearly one month there are only terrible updates comming from Mobi and all professional developers in the Mobi-forum are complaining about the terrible quality. Some weeks ago I got a mail from Mobi-support directly, that they become more an AMP-product, but probably they will not stop bootstrap developement.

After the last updates it seems for me clear: nearly nothing from the bootstrap templates is working. I think, that they will stop that.

My mistake in the first thread was, that I should have written "I'm shure, that they will stop bootstrap"

greetings from germany (at the moment here) Frank

they will NOT stop Bootstrap -- that's not the way ANYBODY is moving, nor is bootstrap development itself showing any signs of slowing down. Again, suggest you stop displaying your ignorance and find out what AMP is all about -- it is NOT about what CSS framework is used to code the page -- whether it be Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize etc etc, but instead on the constraints placed on the page's presentation -- to make sure it's able to be processed / presented by browsers on mobile devices -- AMP standing, after all, for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Indeed, probably what some website builder developer needs to do is incorporate a "feature query" into their index pages so that if a site is being viewed on a mobile device the browser automatically goes to an AMP version of the page, and if on a desktop then a more feature-rich page is viewed -- perhaps the latest form of ''progressive enhancement" And I would pay very little attention to the negative "reviews" of Mobirise in its forums -- there're no shortage of trolls therefore, probably from other builder companies, fiercely pursuing their own, and not the end users' agenda.

You are a very strange guy, only registered here to offend me. I will not answer any more in this useless thread

I registered here, jerkoff, because I bought the Lifetime Edition of the product! Unlike who, who right from the very start has tried to do nothing but introduce False Facts in your own self-interest spamming your own products hoping to trade on other people's ignorance, until you met someone who knows a LOT more than you do, clearly. So, you can go to hell. Your "contributions" here so far have added nothing, instead only trying to take away from others -- we are all better off without you.