Table Controls Not Working

Hi all,

In the template sites provided, it seems the table controls do not work, and are unresponsive. Is there a .js reference I am missing somewhere for these controls to work? For example, pagination and filtering do not work at all.


Did you try it in a Browser Preview? Many of these types of functions won't work in the app itself (some do, some don't depending on the types of scripts that are used), but will in the browser preview. Check to be sure if that's not the issue here.

I have exported the project, and opened the corresponding .html file in Chrome, IE, and FF - the table controls do not work in any browser.

Do you have any kind of firewall running that would prevent the program from connecting to a CDN?

Did this issue ever get resolved? I have the same issue, In Preview…No work, In publish, no work, put on the BSS website no work…