Tables from excel

Hi. My english is very limited, sorry. I have added the html of some tables imported from Excel. I have put that html inside a "custom code" component. I can see the data entered but Bootstrap Studio tools to customize those tables are not activated. As you can see in the image that I put in the following link: Any ideas? Thanks.

Custom code is not editable using BSS tools, been covered a billion times on the forums already.

I apologize for not knowing how to find the answer in the forum. I do not know English and I am using a translator to write this. Thanks for your support. Best.

You cannot enter table data into the program via a custom code container and then edit it using Bootstrap Studio's visual interface for tables. It does not work like that.

If you want to use the program's visual tools to edit data in a table, you must create the table with the program using the table component, and then enter your data into the table manually.

Thanks for your help but I already knew that. I hoped to find someone who had a trick... Best.

How to integrate your Google Sheet into a Bss table with just 10 rows of code

here is a link to a google sheet

and here is a link to a bss design

so you can see how it works open the two links and fill in name country website and email in the google sheet and then refresh the bss design and what you wrote will show up in the table you can download the bss design and see how it's done.

If you import your excel file to google sheet then you can easily link it to your table in Bss here is an example how you do it click here

there is a link to a google sheet you can add or change in the sheet then go back to the page with the table and refresh . What you did in the google sheet will shows up in the table

You can download the bsdesign file and play with it all you have to do is change the link to your google sheet and the field names

I’d be interested to see this again, please. I have clicked the links but they have expired.

Many thanks :blush: