tabs in the editor

Hi, the "wordwrap" and "use tabs" feature in the "Custom Code" an "Java" editor is great.

I miss one thing: while converting a Component to html - there are no tabs used. Here come the spaces.

So I have to convert it manually :(

I would not consider it to be a bug that it does not convert from blank spaced to tab spaced when you convert some blocks to HTML. How many blank spaces represent a tab space? If we can come to an agreed upon a standard or if there is one. Then maybe it can be suggested then.


yeaa... it's not really "a bug"... but I didn't know where it put it in... it's not really an idea...

And to convert the spaces to tab might be quiet easy:

reading the 2nd line where some spaces are. Count the spaces and this number is "normally" the space for 1 tab