tags - How To Create Them?

Hi BSS community, in the components online DJ has a "br The Line Break Element" it is 11 <br/> tags inside a tag. How did he make this within Bootstrap Studio? It doesn't seem to be custom code and I read a post that discusses similar things similar post here. Is it I'm just not seeing something obvious? Once I find a way to make them I'll make a few library items.

Also it'd be cool if you could make folders in the component panel to put these things into to categorize them a bit better & keep things tidy, and even share the folder online.

Thanks for any help

enter image description here

Shift + Enter - to create a line break when in editing mode


thanks Windy.

Where do I find the documentation for that?

If you do a search for "Line Break" and a search for "$nbsp;" you should find what you need. These have been posted years ago already as we shared with eachother how to get around those hurdles. There is no actual "documentation" on those items. The Shift + Enter works great, but ... there is a glitch with it that they are looking into I believe. Many times you cannot get some of those breaks out and have to redo the component if you don't want them in there anymore. Just a heads up.


Although unrelated to the OP, that seems like a very poor way to create spacing on a website.

Hi Pritninja,

Would you be suggesting CSS?

I just wanted a quick and easy(even ugly) input. It's good for a preview to see what things would look like(when I used the one in the image) dragged, dropped, done. But I've mad a couple of smaller ones for this type of flow.


Yes, you should use CSS. Using multiple </br> for spacing isn't considered best practices.