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how configurated the filter is so amazing but i dont have idea for configurate

It would seem English is not your first language, so it may be difficult to understand this.

If you're asking how to make the radio buttons on the left side of the Catalog page actually filter the products, you have to understand that this functionality is not part of this template, or what Bootstrap Studio does for that matter. The Catalog page is simply a template for an e-commerce front-end. You would need to add the filter functionality yourself, (probably through javascript) as well as the backend functionality (the database, PHP coding, etc.) to make the products editable, catalogable, searchable, etc...

Bootstrap Studio does not build functional e-commerce websites. The Clean Sky/ Catalog page is just an sort of idea to get you started. You really need to know how to code in order to build an e-commerce site from the ground-up.

I completely understand you only that I thought it really had a functionality and that it was not correctly identifying the columns. Thank you very much for your answer

If you're looking to build that sort of site, where you can sell products, filter them, etc, it's far better to go with one of the established e-commerce companies out there like Shopify, Squarespace, Volusion, etc, as the already have all this functionality built-in. If you truly want the flexibility to do-it-yourself, Woocommerce (via Wordpress) is a good option.