Template pages how do they work?

for some themes, i see template page options what are these? a cms thing?

There is no CMS setups in BSS, that's a system that usually needs to be "added" to your website, not part of the builder.

Most of the premade themes (those dozen that are already created in the startup window) have their own theme as the default which in most cases cannot be changed in the setup.

When you start a new blank page for a new site, that's when the themes really come into play. When you look there you will see the various themes that are available. Those are Bootswatch themes which cover various aspects of the design and are viewable here: https://bootswatch.com/default/ At that site you can choose the theme to view at the top on the menu and chose the style you'd like your site to start with and then edit from that point forward.

I don't know where you're seeing anything that says "template page options". Can you be more specific on where that is in the setup?

@jo, start a new project with either Clean Sky or Material Portfolio. create a new page with the dropdown beside the viewport selector, you should see Create a new template page.

Ahh, ty for clarifying that, I have never created a page that way so I've never seen that on that dropdown lol. Well to be more clear I've never created a site based on an included template/theme, I've always started from scratch or used a previously made project that I made as a base.

That looks to me like the template comes with X number of premade pages and when you first start the project it asks you which pages you want to include and if you don't mark any specifics it creates 6 basic ones it assumes you will want. The "Create a Template Page" selection on the drop down gives you the opportunity to create a new page based on one of the already premade pages. There's no special settings to it that I can see other than the already linked nav and footer on all the pages.