Template scripts not working in admin


I’m building a React app and used the SB Admin for the dashboard, however, added the links correctly to load scripts but it’s not working, for example, the menu toggle in mobile or clicking on the profile doesn’t show the menu, have a look at the issue here.

User: admin@admin.com
Password: test

Any idea what’s wrong here, because the files are correctly injected and still don’t work.

This profile menu I meant.

You are doing it totally wrong, none of the javascript will work in your React app the way you are trying to inject them. You must have seen the dropdowns , charts and the link that toggle the sidebar doesn’t work.
This ain’t the right forum to get help with a React app.

I’m not asking for React app help, was just wondering if someone may share an idea on how to use BS template scrips in that.

What would be the correct way with import? or? Thoughts?

Resolved, I have figured it out.