Template Upload

My proposal is that there is an option to upload custom templates on the New Design page. That way I could create something, select it as a template, and create a new design with the previous design as a template to start with. That way I wouldn’t have to copy and paste my previous design file and worry that I changed the wrong one. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement, and it’s a feature I’d see myself using quite often.

Personally I just make the design and save as a file (called template-xxx) and then just open and resave as the production name.

If you do it this way, a couple of suggestions. Make a backup of the templates, in-case you forget to resave. Also add some css like p {color:red} so you can see its a template file. Resave the file and then delete the line of css.

You can also change the template file to read-only so that you don’t accidentally overwrite the template. In Windows right click on the file > properties > check the Read-only attribute.

You can also do this at the folder level to make all files and sub-folders within that folder read-only.


Fantastic Idea, thank you, works perfectly with a nice dialog box in bss

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I reuse a lot of layouts so yes this would make my process a lot quicker!