Templates dowloaded

Hi there... I have downloaded a bootstrap 100% compatible website html, but I want to manipulate it as a BBS project... can I do that? How I can add more templates to then "New Design" screen in the "Template" list? Thanks. -- RAS

The first question is dealt with a number of times (now, over 80 times) in these forums -- search for what you're looking for before you return and ask related questions.

This forum has not good FUI to look for something... I hope to you know about that!

You're right, it doesn't have the best search feature, but what you are searching for has been covered so many times (probably the most covered topic in the forum) that there's no possible way you couldn't find it.

Try starting with "import website" and "import theme" and "import template" and you're bound to find lots with those 3 searches alone.

Thanks.. I'll try

Might as well go ahead and explain it for the 81st time.

You cannot open external/purchased/existing websites directly in Bootstrap Studio. You can import their CSS Stylesheets, and .js files, and then you can either bring all the HTML in as custom code blocks, or you recreate the HTML components using Bootstrap Studio's own visual interface, and drag-and-drop HTML components. The program cannot directly open websites and allow you to immediately start working on them natively. The only program I am aware of that does this is Pinegrow.