Are you guys going to add default BSS templates? You know, like the ones we can choose from when we request a new design?

i think the idea is to use the tool to build your own ;)

Thank you for the question! We will be adding more built-in themes and ready to use components in the next releases to make prototyping designs easier. We can't confirm when these will be ready, though.

Awesome to hear!

When you add these built in themes could I request a theme with 2 columns (one of them being a sidebar) so that we can have left or right sidebars without having to create it ourselves? Very hard to edit some of these themes to add a sidebar that spans the full or almost full height. Something similar to what I am doing with this church site, only I'd love to see one for both right and left sidebars. I know it's not the norm these days, but truly for months now, every client I've had has wanted a side bar and I have to manually create it every time because all the new themes for Bootstrap, Foundation and the like are all single column sites. Here's an example of what I mean (this is a temp link that will be there for a while yet). http://eiwd.work/fpcbm-bss-test

+1 I'd love to have more more designs to work off of.