Text bold function not working [RESOLVED]


Im trying to make a part of

text in bold. When I press the upper bold button then nothing happens. Italic and underline are working fine though

Hiya @certifit ,

Check to see if the text or container it’s in (row/col/div/etc.) has any classes applied to it that may be overriding it. Specificity is typically a big culprit when something doesn’t work that we know should work (or we think should lol). :slight_smile:


Post a screenshot of your HTML on this paragraph, and the CSS classes applied to the p Container when it’s highlighted.

Bootstrap uses !important on a lot of its classes, so if they have a font weight set on the p class with !important, it may not override a <strong> setting in the HTML (which is how the bold button bolds the text.

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You were correct. Turns out p inherits from body that has font-weight: 200


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