Thanks Bootstrap Studio

Hi All,

Just I want to express my thanks to Bootstrap Studio for this great tool. Recently I have creted a new website with this application and I must to say that It was a nice experience. The interface is clean, the option to drag and drog the components works fine, and the posibility to obtain resources online is very usefull.

Perhaps, there are some details to improve or to implement in the future. For example the option to add Google Analytics, the option to create a .htaccess file in order to remove the .html extensions, etc. However, this tool saved me a lot of time using Bootstrap like my favorite framework.

You can easily add Google analytics by going to the top menu and choosing File > Settings > Head Content and then paste in your Google Analytics code. On the same File menu, you will see an Export menu selection. If you choose this and click advanced, there is a place where you can add an export script that will be executed every time you export your project. There are scripts floating around that will strip the .html extension from the exported files (I've never needed to do this personally, but if you search the forums it's been discussed and solved.)

Hi Printninja, Thanks for your suggestion, I have not realized that little detail using the "Head content" option. I'll keep on mind.