The license I was given does not work.

My undergraduate degree does not work at the moment. I've formated the computer a couple of times. I think I have opened the 3 computer limits given each time the computer changes its name. How do I reactivate the license code?

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This is a user forum. Nobody here can help you with license issues. You need to contact the developers directly by going to this page and clicking the link, or sending them an email.

You can also manage your (3) license.

I guess free student licenses expire every year. So it's time to ask for a new one, proving you're still a student.

Points to Printninja's post

Isn't a student's license a standard one sold for $ 29? I knew this as a forum page for the company. I'll contact the developers directly. Thank you, Printninja. If the license has been revoked , it's time to ask for a new one.

as twinstream said just delete the unused licenses still assigned to your reformatted computer here

No need to ask for a new one, your's valid for one year. Single user, up to three computers.

Thank you for the support. The license I was given has expired. I contacted the developers. The license period was extended by 1 year. Subject can be closed.