The New Documentation is Here!

Happy to share that we’ve launched the new documentation! You can see it at:

We will be adding more articles over time (if you have something that you want to see, be sure to write in this thread). We will make sure that all new features have corresponding documentation from now on, and that it’s up to date when we make changes to the app.

Looking forward to your feedback.


Nice job BSS team. This should especially help new users and those members seeking to help others via the forum. Allowing users to now link to more in-depth documentation references. This should really improve things for everyone. I look forward to see it expanded further over time.

Minor but this screen shot says “leave notes as Mail Studio comments”

Nice! Thanks Martin and good Job BSS Team.


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Looks good - thanks for your work.

Great doc hub / I just hope people use them before asking things they could answer using these.

Thanks! That looks great. Just wondering if you could add new video tutorials in your Youtube channel, the existing ones are super useful to learn how BSS works, but would be great if you could do a new video explaining all the new features, etc.

Much appreciated!