The words Comments, comments, Comment, comment

Are not searchable in the Docs to find the CSS section that has the tiny little sentence a ways down the page that briefly touches on how to do Comments in the Styles window. Just thought you should know that.

Also along with this, there is no scrollbar on the right side of the page for me (Mac MacOS Big Sur) so scrolling is a real pain trying to get to something. Was a hassle to have to go up and down manually with the mouse rather than hitting the scrollbar. As you can see in the screenshot below (top right corner of your site), the space is there for one, it just isn’t there.

@jo-r Can you use the up down arrow keys for the scrolling?

Hmm seems to have fixed itself lol, the bar is there today … hums to the Twilight Zone theme song Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do … :slight_smile:

The ghost in the machine :ghost:

I always knew these Mac Mini’s were too good to be true~ lol