Theme colors editor

Very useful feature would be a possibility to manage global colors of selected theme. (primary, secondary etc...)

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Try overwriting the CSS, that's how it's done. When you export your site with a specific theme, you can then view the CSS to see what colors are the defaults for that theme. Just overwrite the colors in the CSS within BSS that you want changed.

There are also a number of free Bootstrap "theme builders" out there. Just customize and download the new Bootstrap CSS


Good call Printninja, I always forget you can do that lol. I would have to agree though that it sure be nice if we had that built in. :)

all bootswatch themes are already included in BSS:

enter image description here

Yes Marrco, I am pretty sure we're all aware of that, what the OP is asking is for a way to more easily alter the themes like what some of the theme changer sites have.

Hi Jo, How do you get to the theme marrco is showing. I can find it in themes, as in Creating a new project/site and finding that theme in the list. Has he imported it? I would agree it would be nice to change a themes color pallet to align with client colors, without having to manually adjust the css.

I take back the last post, (& it was supposed to say I Can't Find It I finally found them after reading a post that Printninja had made. For anyone else here's the post [1]: After 2 weeks of using this app I was stuck on the default themes when creating new. It would be good if the 21 themes dialog went with the blank Template when creating it to apply one of those themes to it.

I too think that it would be great to have a choice show up when creating a blank theme (or any other theme that is chosen that accepts template changes). That would do 2 things right off the bat: 1. It would alert people that changes can be made to that part of their site. 2. It would allow us to easily make that choice before even starting on the site itself. Win Win I think.