Theme Customizer

Will there ever be a way to customize themes within BSS. Or at least something similar to [ ] within the Desktop app?

The DEV's have mentioned that they are looking to include the ability to use/edit SASS whether or not that looks something like what you linked I don't know.


Thank you for opening this thread! We will be adding SASS support as Saj said. But we are still divided on whether to make a built-in customizer. There are pretty good tools available online. It might be better to just import the config.json file that these tools generate, and invest our time in more important features instead.

Having note used a config.json file before, is this straight forward to do?

A small thing but it would be nice to have a preference setting for which icon set to use. The icon selection form for a new icon always defaults to glyphicons.

Alos, and I think I saw this mentioned somewhere else, it would be nic to have the ability to select multiple controls for either copy/paste purposes or for defining attributes.