Theme Switcher (different color themes)

Hello Community, i would like to make different color variations available to my users on the website via Theme Switcher, e.g. blue scheme, red scheme, etc. Is there any way I can realize this in Bootstrap Studio? I only see light or dark.

Hello, Bootstrap Studio is designed specifically for Bootstrap, and the light and dark color modes depend entirely on Bootstrap.

To obtain more color modes, it is necessary to define additional colors in Bootstrap using SASS. While this solution is feasible, it requires a considerable amount of work.

Personally, I take a different approach. I’ve created a collection of 30 CSS themes, all compatible with each other. Each theme offers a palette of colors in light and dark modes.
To choose the colors of a site, you simply change the CSS theme used without modifying the HTML code.

My site,, was created using Bootstrap Studio. I hope my offer will be useful to you in your development projects. I remain at your disposal should you have any further questions.


Add a “List Theme Switcher” to the “Online Components Section” for BS5. I use a BS5 Offcanvas, so a list make more sense…

Feel free to use… Beware, don’t forget to add the default BSS Theme Switcher to your Code and set it to “display: none”;