Themes not installed in my download version 5.0.3

Hi, I am new to Bootstrap Studio. I believe there are several themes that come with the app. But following the tutorial video of the bakery website, I noticed I do not have any of the themes installed. I just installed 5.0.3. Not sure if this was just me not installing properly, or if they left them out. So, how do I get the BSS themes specifically. Thanks.

Hi Chris, there are 13 (+1 blank) themes on my 5.0.3 setup

enter image description here

HI Marrco, Thanks for the response, Okay, yes I do have that. But how do I do what they do in the video where they just change de default text using a theme option from the top tool bar menu. This is in the Bakery webpage tutorial. They use a Theme option to change the font of the text within the site already created and I can't find this option.

Bakery Video:<br /> Within 6:50 into the video, they explain the theme usage I don't see it. I presume it's because of the version change?

I appreciate some help with that. Thanks.

Look at this thread for more on themes...

Also the Video shows the "Readable" theme being selected which now has a spiritual successor called "Litera"

I checked out the themes thread, but not quit the answers I was looking for. But hey, I really appreciate the help. Any one readings this can feel free to add your ideas or comments about this missing feature. Thanks.

Hi to all,

In case anyone else is interested, I found the option I was looking for in BSS.

  1. Click menu option: File / Design Settings
  2. Then look down to the Design options and click the Bootstrap design option. Here you can change the theme of your website like in the Bakery tutorial.

You can get more info here in the help link. The problem with this documentation is it's not updated, so it just indicate the settings when it's actually the Design Setting, so I missed it the first time as a newbie to BSS.

Any way, Thanks to all.