Thinks for a very long time

Action: we copy icon an more work, rezult: after action (copy-paste icons, constructing table cells ad etc.)
Your program Bootstrap Design crashes about 60s - i can’t save or work. Does not show icons at that time. And so after every more serious action.
Other apps work fine. my device: Dell 7550: Intel(R) Core™ i9-10885H CPU @ 2.40GHz, RAM:32,0 GB (31,7 GB usable), Windows 11 Pro, 22H2.
help please.

Try reinstalling it, I’ve not had any crashing at all for any reason so far and resinstalling usually does the trick.

thanks, (I reinstall) but that didn’t help ):

This looks very similar to a bug @printninja was having last week, Are you using font awesome 6 for the icons. If so, try with font awesome 5 and see if that makes any difference

I don’t use the font awesome 6 (use awesome 4, but for the icons I mostly use line awesome)