This is why I love Bootstrap Studio

Thank you Martin, and the rest of the team, for actually listening to your clients needs.

I have been using BSS for a long time now and I’m always amazed how quickly they listen to customer feedback. Whether its a bug report that is usually fixed within 24 hours or a simple request to add a forum category.

So thanks again.


Here Here! Ditto to everything @richards said!

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@richards I think this is the essence of small projects communities. I noticed by myself that the smaller the project is in the concept of community the biggest activity there is from the devs and community cause they’re more invested in growing the whole thing ;p, but yee I agree… I’ve been using BSS for 3.5 years so far and I’m amazed with the journey the tool past with the dev team. I have hope this tool will only grow and won’t be strictely limited to BS ecosystem and they will implement more integrations like Reflow, lottie etc and many more.

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Aww thanks guys! We’re happy to listen to your suggestions and make the app and forum better :slight_smile:


good choice, Dreamweaver was stuck in bootstrap 4

OMG!!! I forgot all about Dreamweaver, that nearly put me off web design for life.

Me too! It has the most awful visual design system ever so I never used that part of the app. I couldn’t stand that it never showed anything correctly. Truly the only thing I used in it or that kept me in it was the Library system which BSS’s Linked Components takes care of for me so I never looked back!

I took the decision this week to stop using Adobe all together, I worked out that with the subscription at £50+ a month, I’ve spent £6000+ over the last 10 year, plus whatever I used to pay to buy the software before it went subscription.

So far I’ve spent £75 total for alternatives for photoshop, illustrator and indesign. And £0 for a premier pro alternative.

Early days so far but apart from different shortcut keys all seems to work ok.

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Hi Richard - I am looking for ongoing / retained consulting support for my website, which I built using BSS. Do you do that type of work? You can see the existing site at

Thx Eric

Agree 100%
Not only is it a great bit of software at an unbeatable price but the customer service and support are excellent.
At every opportunity, I will promote BSS to my students.
I’ve just been appointed a Google’s Women in Tech ambassador and I can wait to run events and workshops to showcase BSS.
Huge fan