This is why I love BSS

Easy to make a simple website fast:

Originally this hobby site was made in Wordpress. Not very efficient for a simple site like this. Constant updates of plugins. Plugins placing cookies so a lot of energy waisted on cookie consent, cooky policy pages and a legally correct privacy statement. Then Google promoted AMP, meaning it could penalize non-AMP pages in the search result page positions. So I added an AMP plugin which forced design changes. AMP hasn’t become an industry standard as Google might have hoped. Then I decided to make everything in html with BSS.

Because I didn’t want code loading from remote servers as several BSS templates do, the site was designed from scratch. In just a few days - and I’m an amateur designer. No cookies and no personal visitor data stored. So no aggravating overhead to satisfy the legislators. What a delight. And I’m still discovering very handy features in BSS. Love it!


Hello thanks for your feedback, I’m graphist designer and code with html and css with using bootstrap. So BSS become the only tool I keep and to my mind the most powerfull.

Thanks for the designer & coders of BSS It’s very usefull. Have all pages on servers is so confortable and safe. I’m seeking now the next level to develop many pages on BSS on all my domains name.
I’m in France so Cookie is very hard to manage I have to find how to manage very well and custom design too.