Thumbnail Grid with Expanding Preview not working in BSS

Hi Bootstrap studio community,

As the name say's it I have been trying to redo this Thumbnail Grid with Expanding Preview in BSS, You can find the link of the tuto and code here so I pulled it apart and you need different pieces which if you download the file from the tuot will be included, there is css and some JS now after tying for the last 2 days to make it work I now have finally found why it doesn't function in BSS and this is where I need your help. There is a file called the modernizr.custom.js that needs to be included and I import it into BSS but when I open in the browsers it get an error,(moder... not declared). I exported it and started looking and pocking into the code and the moderniz....js file needs to be in the head tag for this to work for some reason!! I have tried different things and every time i export the file the moderniz..js file will be at the bottom of the page.

My question: How can I have it at the top and in the head tag of my page every time. Plus it would be nice to be able to see and make changes in BSS ???

Thanks for all who may or can help.

That's not actually the issue. I'm sure the issue is that the modernizr.js needs come before your other JS files.

In the DESIGN pane on the bottom right, right click on the menu JavaScript and select Include Order. Then drag the modernizr.js so that it is third in the list. Also if you have your own custom made JS, drag that to be last. JS order matters.


Thanks Saj. I tried that this morning and it worked.