Time to upgrade the user forums

This is unrelated to the Bootstrap Studio program. Rather it's a suggestion to the devs to ditch this bbPress forum software and upgrade to something more modern like discourse (www.discourse.org). I realize that discourse is not free, but it is SO much more powerful, allowing you to easily post media (pics, vids), it incorporates badges, emojis, trust system, and more. I also notice that Discourse is used by pretty much all of BSS competitors.

Just a thought.

Thanks for the suggestion! Discourse is a popular system and has great features. When we last looked at it, it proved difficult to customize and integrate into an existing website. This is why most forums that use it are set up as a subdomain. We would like to preserve all old topic URLs, posts and user accounts. We also have integration with our backend which only allows people with a license to register, so this should be carried over as well.

I am sure that all of these are possible to do with discourse, but this would take development time away from Bootstrap Studio. Still, if there is interest from the community we will prioritize it, so be sure to leave a post below :)

As much as I would also love to see a new forum, I would rather see new updates on the app. If there was a way to do the forum a little at a time here and there until it was ready (in other words in all of your non existant free time lol) that would be good. Even if it took a year to get it completely set up and running that would be fine with me. Nothing says it has to all be done right now this minute and precious time need not be taken from the real development. :)

I find that I often want to do screen grabs or short screen recordings to help give people guidance on their questions, and as it is now, it entails having to upload the images or vids to a separate location, and then link to them. It would be so much nicer if the forum supported this directly. Also, being able to call attention to other users directly (or the devs) seems unsupported in this forum. I know you can @(name) and it creates a link to a person's profile, but it doesn't actually let them know when they log into the forum that someone has mentioned them by name.

The general atmosphere of this forum software is not conducive to quickly scanning topics and seeing what's new, what has been recently responded to, etc.

But as Jo stated, taking away development time from BSS to upgrade the forums is probably not in everyone's best interest. More of a luxury than a priority. Maybe someday.

I would rather see new updates on the app

that !