TimePicker does not work, Please Help!

Good morning Guys,

I am kinda new to Bootstrap Studio and Bootstrap developing. I have a Project, and I would like to add a time picker to a Modal window. I have added a custom code and inserted the code, and I added all the files to the library .css & .js files, but it is not working. anyone any idea?

i am using this time picker


Hope anyone can help me out...

Greetings, Constantin

The first thing to try is does it work on the page it's self rather then in a modal. If it doesn't it should be that you have a JS conflict, which it just might be anyways.

If you right click your Javascript menu in the Design pane and select Include Order, then drag your custom js file to be as the last item, i.e. the one with the js code that does the initializing of the timer.

Once you get it working on the page then try moving it to a modal and go from there.