title of the page and favicon

How do I set the title of the page and the favicon. I tried to change the custom header but it always uses the name of the BSS file name and not the <title>My special name</title> in the custom header. No idea of how to set the favicon. Thanks in advance

Right click over the page name in the page listing and choose the Properties. From there you can edit the Meta tags of the page, change the page name and description and add items to the Head of the page such as Favicon code.

IF you want to add something to the Head of the page, or a Metatag etc. globally to all pages, click the Settings button at the top. The settings there for Meta Tags & Head content will be added to all pages.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for this tip. However both of these methods put the new title element in the head without removing the old, so there are two. This is invalid HTML and the new one may not be used at all. Any thoughts on how to replace the current one rather than appending a new element?

Agreed, it does not overwrite the default <title> how can this be fixed? Having to edit this each time I export is a waste of time.

bump, support will not respond to tickets submitted, seems like such an easy fix......

I have not had this issue happen to me ever. Bumping it here isn't the thing to do though. IF you feel this is a bug, then post this in the bugs forum not the help forum. Support may not answer every bug report ticket, not sure on that or why or what you sent in your ticket so it's hard to say why they would not answer. I also know that they don't always answer emails during the weekends so if you sent it during this weekend that's most likely why as well.

Not sure what it is that needs to be fixed, but either way post it in the Bugs forum so others can help you with it as well as the devs getting the information much more readily.

Just for the record, I am on a Mac using El Capitan OS and have never had a title repeat itself since the day I started using that feature which wasn't long after I started using the app a little over a year ago. Might be a Windows thing, not sure.

Also ... just in case this is what you did. Don't create a new Meta Tag for the Title in the properties window, put it in the Title box that is already there. Yes, if you create a new Title Meta Tag you will then have 2 of them. The Title tag is already created for you and a box already present for it, just replace what is in that box and that will alter the title tag.