Toast Fade Animation Not Working Properly

I added a toast within a toast container and tested it with the fade option checked and unchecked.

I noticed that the animation is the same as when fade was unchecked, the toast auto-hide animation should be the toast fading away slowly, but after the set time in ms, the float just disappears without any fading animation at all.

Thank you for the report! I am afraid I am unable to reproduce this. Can you try it in a new blank design?

also there are other problems with toast

This is the Overview

Button 1

Button 2

I set my target on button to different toast but when i click on either button only toast 2 is showing
and it’s not stacking either like

Toast 1
Toast 2

and fade should be a slow disappearing animation right? for any component with that option it just blinks away instead of fading slowly (toast and modal the two i’ve used with that option)

Thank you for the link! We will fix this in our next update.

It is possible that you don’t see animations because you’ve disabled animations globally as an OS setting, or have activated a preference for reduced motion in the browser. Can you open the preview in another device to confirm?

As far as i know i haven’t done anything on my browser to disable animations.
I have also tried it on my phone and the result is the same.
the fade option still make the elements disappear like this
ezgif-1-bf3ed633c7 (1)

and it should be like this